Cruise ships


Three berths are dedicated to cruise ships:


  • MK-3 and MK-4 (closest possible location to the Old Town)

Total length: 463 m, depth 9.5 m
Max particulars of vessel allowed: 290 m at 8.2 m draft *.


  • JPS-1

Max vessel’s LOA allowed: 110 m
Max vessel’s draft allowed: 7.6 m


  • Berth No. JPS-2, located next to JPS-1, is dedicated to ferries however can also be used for cruise ships. Terminal building is located next to berth No. JPS-2.

Max particulars of vessel allowed: 280 m at 7.6 m draft*.
*Riga Harbour Master’s acceptance required in case of berthing vessel whose particulars exceed above mentioned.


Riga Passenger terminal is ISPS compliant port facility with approved plan providing relevant security and safety services.
Fresh water, shore power and shore gangway available upon request.


See price list for RPT services (.pdf, 161Kb)